Gia Girl's Hoodie

A polyester knitted sweater in a high loft pile with a detachable hood and a front zipper. The sweater has two pockets up front and the material at the sides and under the sleeves are made of recycled polyester. The sweater can be used both separately and as a thermal layer underneath a shell jacket.

Model length 160 cm. Size 160.
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Care Instructions
100% Polyester Knit
2way stretch
Detach hood
Fabric mapping
Insulates your body to make sure you always have the right temperature. Worn separate as a second layer. In harsh weather preferably worn together with a protective shell that is 100% wind and waterproof.
Size Charts

Girls' measurements

How to measure

All measurements are taken directly on the body:

  • A


    Measure the widest chest area and around the shoulder blades.

  • B


    Measure the smallest area.

  • C


    Measure around the widest part of the seat.

  • D


    Measure from the crotch to the floor.

  • E

    Body length

    Measure entire body when standing straight against a wall.

Size chart

Normal width Girls

Size in cm 130 140 150 160 170
Age 7–8 9–10 11–12 13–14 15–16
62 66 71 76 81
55 58 61 64 67
67 72 78 83 88
59 65 70 75 80
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Care Instructions

Before washing

Close all buttons, zippers, buckles and velcro. This is to avoid wear and tear, both of these parts but also the rest of the garment. Wash the garment with inside out to reduce wear on print etc. Read the garment's care instruction carefully.

During washing

Wash garment separately the first time. Use a gentle detergent when it is gentler on the garment. Avoid fabric softener as this can contribute to over-fertilization of our lakes. Choose washing programs and washing temperature according to the garment care instruction. When hand wash, do not let the garment soak.

After washing

Remove the garment from the washing machine immediately after completed washing program. This is for avoiding color to dye to other parts of the garment. Avoid tumble-drying as this unnecessary wear on the function of the garment. Drying clothes in a drying cabinet is not recommended by us because there is often very high temperature in a drying cabinet. It is possible to dry our clothes in a drying cabinet, but not warmer than the recommended washing temperature. That means that 40°C washing temperature is also 40°C during drying in a drying cabinet.

In order to preserve our environment and even the clothes, do not wash unnecessarily!