In order to make it easier for you to discover which jacket that suits your needs the best, we have listed our autumn and winter jackets in 3 different levels, from warm to warmest. When choosing a winter jacket, a good start is to think about when and where you will use the jacket.

Didriksons winter jacket in snow Didriksons winter jacket in snow

When will you use your jacket?

Different purposes require different levels of warmth. If you are waiting for the bus, taking your daily walk or doing something sportier, it is not always the jacket that can handle the coldest weather that is the right choice for you. Browse our range of warm jackets and find the one that suits you best.

How do we measure warmth?

There are various factors that play a roll in how warm our jackets are. Among other things, we measure the jacket’s padding in grams per square meter (g/m²). We also check how much of the body it covers, if there is a warming lining as well as how well the outer fabric protects against cold and windy weather.

”Pay some extra attention to the details when choosing a warm jacket. The details have an effect on the level of warmth.”

Which details are important to you?

Pay some extra attention to the jacket’s details as they affect its warmth. Do you want a hood and if so, should it be detachable? A high collar helps you keep warm as well as giving you protection against cold winds.

Which level should you go for?


Thinner Jackets

In level one we have picked jackets to which you can easily add an extra warming layer. These jackets have padding between 100 – 120 g/m², which makes them thinner and more compressible. They are suitable for a sporty lifestyle or if you like to use the layer-principle.



Padded Jackets

The jackets in level two are designed for autumn and winter weather in a city environment. These jackets have padding between 120 – 140 g/m² and are fully waterproof and windproof with details crafted to insulate warmth.



Extra Warm Jackets

In level three you can find our warmest jackets, with padding between 160 – 250 g/m². This will enable you to stay warm for longer periods outdoors. The jackets in level three are designed to keep you warm in winter temperatures both in the city and the nature.

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