Didriksons autumn and winter collection 2018 Iceland Reykjavik Didriksons autumn and winter collection 2018 Iceland Reykjavik

1954 - 2018


Our Originals collection for Autumn and Winter 2018 combines our past, and the challenges that the fishermen encountered out on the sea, with the urban lifestyle of today. The collection is characterised by rusty colours, carefully chosen fabrics and comes with many thoughtful details.

old map over Iceland old map over Iceland

Iceland 1954

In June 1954, m/s Diamant left the port in Grundsund. She was one of the many Swedish vessels, which took fishermen to Iceland every year. Along the Icelandic coast the herring stock was sufficient for the fishermen to make a living.

Three to four months aboard a cold and damp fishing boat was a challenge. The days were filled with hard work and lonely, long nights on watch. The crew endured harsh weather, biting cold and storms on the rough sea. But there was also room for laughter and memorable evenings where they got to share a bottle and tell stories to each other.

There was limited comfort on board the vessel. But at least the crew was well protected from the wind and the weather thanks to their clothes from Didriksons, which was already a well-established company on the Swedish west coast.

How did we find out about these stories?

We have gained a unique insight into the reality of those brave men through a diary written by a crewman, Anders Burge. At the time he was 23 years old and from his notes we can read fascinating stories as well as evidence of how reality has influenced our product development over the years. Here is a picture of Anders, 20 years old in 1952.

Anders Burge fisherman diary Anders Burge fisherman diary

”This is Anders Burge’s diary. A true treasure from the past, which gives us understanding of how it was to work on fishing vessels in the North Sea during the 1950s.”

Autumn Collection

After reading Anders Burge’s diary, we packed our bags and returned to Iceland, to put our garments through the tough test of the harsh Icelandic weather once again. We have done this as a tribute to Anders Burge and the other crewmembers on board m/s Diamant.

Didriksons Iceland Parka Didriksons Iceland Parka

Explore our collection of autumn and winter clothes that will protect you from cold winds and rain. The collection is full of garments with smart functions, which makes your everyday easier.

”The clothes tell the story of how important they have been as a part of the fishermen’s everyday life.”

old sketch Didriksons Iceland Parka old sketch Didriksons Iceland Parka

Iceland Parka in Galon® is our tribute to the young fisherman Anders Burge, who sailed to Iceland in 1954.

    Iceland Parka

  • 100% waterproof and windproof, all seams welded
  • Lined Galon® parka that keeps you both dry and warm
  • Water repellent front zip
  • Inner pocket with zip
  • Reflective tape details inside the sleeve ends

Iceland is a lined parka with a straight fit. The jacket has a waterproof zip and two front pockets, as well as one inside pocket. A discreet reflective detail on the inside of the cuffs can be folded up if necessary. The hood is fixed and has a high front collar to provide protection against wind and rain.

Didriksons autumn collection 2018 Brisa Parka Didriksons autumn collection 2018 Brisa Parka

Brisa is a parka in Galon® that has been inspired by the stories of the young fisherman Anders Burge’s travels on the North Sea.

    Brisa Parka

  • 100% waterproof and windproof, all seams are welded
  • Padded body, hood and sleeves
  • Synthetic removable fur
  • Feminine pleats at back

Brisa is a lined parka with an elastic strap on the back that ensures a feminine look and serves as a design detail. Brisa is fully windproof and waterproof and has welded seams. Brisa is a classic parka with removable synthetic fur on the edge of the hood. It has large front pockets and is slightly longer on the back. The hood is fixed and has a high front collar to protect you against wind and rain.