Didriksons x Friendcation

To inspire you and us for the winter, we have invited Friendcation, a Swedish, female network making connections through their common interest in an active lifestyle filled with new experiences. The founders, Louise and Joanna, together with a few lucky members, have selected their favorites from our winter jacket collection and show how you can stay warm and comfortable without compromising on style during the coldest months of the year.

Friendcation is a network for women who want to find new acquaintances by traveling and being active together. The community was founded in 2017 by Joanna Swica and Louise Johannesson and consists of 17,000 women today. The Friendcation community is also passionate about the outdoors, just like us, and we are so happy they wanted to select some favorites from this winter's puffer jackets to bring to their adventures, both near and far.

Friendcation's Favorites

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