Didriksons estrid jacket Didriksons estrid jacket

Estrid – an outdoor friend

Remember when you were a kid, no worries in the world, everything was just an enchanting adventure. You were outside playing for hours, not wanting to quit when your parents begged you to come inside. The rain could be pouring down, but that only added to the magic. This is a feeling we want you to have over and over again, and the Estrid raincoat will help you on the way.

The straight cut Estrid raincoat will bring that outdoor joy into your every day. It keeps you protected from the rain thanks to its 100% waterproof Galon® material. When you feel those first droplets on your hand you smile, because you love to pull the hood over your head and hear the sound of rain on and around you, without you getting wet.

  • Fully wind and waterproof with welded seams
  • Made from Galon® with a cotton blend inside
  • The lining’s dyeing technique saves water, energy and chemicals
  • Ventilation under back yoke
  • Four welded front pockets

Estrid is a stylish raincoat that is just as nice to wear on strolls by the shoreline as it is on a rainy day in the city. For spring 2021 the coat is available in one elegant black and beige colourway and one lighter colourway with a pop of yellow.

“You decide to stay outside in the rainfall for just a little bit longer, simply because you can.”
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