Didriksons Didriksons

Julius Didrikson was an innovator. When he and Hanna founded Didriksons back in 1913, his innovations were about protecting people from the elements. But that’s not all. He kept an open mind and saw opportunities where others saw problems.

“Capacity for innovation today is about taking responsibility, and finding new and sustainable ways of producing clothing.”

We’ve come across some old sketches and drawings from Julius’ old notebook, dated 1910. He was contemplating alternative energy sources such as wind and wave power.

Didriksons Didriksons

Modern innovations

We have continued to follow in Julius’ footsteps and have learned from our past. Although our innovations today do not involve wind and wave power, they are about finding sustainable new ways of producing clothing. For us, protecting water from people is equally as important as protecting people from water.



Our responsibility

We believe in creating products that will last for a long time. Find out about how we are constantly working to develop and improve ourselves and our products.


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Solution Dye

Find out about how our dyeing process is saving many litres of water in production compared with traditional methods of dyeing fabric.


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Our recyclable garments are ready to be recycled and turned into new clothing when no longer fit for use. Find out more about the recycling process.


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