The winter jacket guide

1. For the very cold days

When the temperature is below 0, the wind is crispy, and you just want to feel warm and protected, make sure you have an extra padded and windproof jacket. All our extra warm jackets have vegan padding, a padded hood, hand warming pockets, and they are water-repellent.

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2. For the chilly yet stylish weekends

Just because it is cold it doesn’t mean you have to compromise with style. Wrap yourself in a warm, long and elegant coat to be cozy and gorgeous.

3. For the crispy dog walks

Tighten the waist, close the zipper, pull the warm hood over your head and truly enjoy your dog walks throughout any weather the winter brings.

Didriksons Leya Parka Long Didriksons Leya Parka Long

4. Stay outside longer

Spending as much time outside as possible is great for both the body and the mind. Select a jacket with snug cuffs, extra warm padding, and a protecting hood, and you will not be going inside for a while.

Didriksons Fay Parka Didriksons Fay Parka
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5. For when the cold rain falls

The sky is grey, the ground is wet, but you still want to go outside. Pick a jacket that is fully waterproof and windproof in a popping colour to brighten up the day, or with reflective details to be visible in the dark.

Didriksons Nore Parka Didriksons Nore Parka
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