In this Online Exclusive we focus on our mid-layers Annema, Espen and Karen, which all are made from leftover fabrics. We asked the inspiring mom behind the Instagram account @raising.two.wildlings if she and her family would like to interpret our mid-layers and share their reflections on sustainability.

We had an inspiring conversation about how an active, urban family thinks about sustainability, the layer principle and long walks. Welcome to the everyday life of “Raising Two Wildlings”.

The Family

Cecilia, 34, on maternity leave, preschool teacher

Christian, 37, studying graphic design

Charlie, 4 years, big sister

Otis, 8 months, little brother


It’s two very active children that have given the name to my Instagram account, says Cecilia with a smile. Raising Two Wildlings is all about just that – two wild kids, an everyday life in the inner city of Stockholm and weekends full of long walks and playground adventures.

The family doesn’t own a car, which means that they almost always walk to places (even if it takes two hours) - something that requires high quality, warm and functional clothes, says Cecilia.

“The layering principle is very handy and we use it when dressing the kids. But also my husband and I are hooked. A great benefit is that you can adjust the warmth really quickly. If you’re come inside from the cold, it is easy to just take off the outer layer.”

As the mid-layers Annema, Espen & Karen are made from leftover fabrics our talk transitioned to the subject of sustainability and how to take care of our garments.

“We talk a lot about it. Sustainability. Is it just a trend or increased awareness? I hope the latter. Being part of an urban family, I think a lot about consumption and how it affects the environment and our lives.”

3 pieces of advice on how to take better care of our clothes from Cecilia

1. Think before buying

I believe in classic, long lasting garments that become more loved and beautiful as they age.

2. Take care and wash less

Outerwear (especially the ones with a water repellent surface) doesn’t like being washed too often. Therefore, I usually wipe the dirt off with a cloth instead. This makes the clothes last much longer.

3. Give away the outgrown garments

Put the outgrown garments up for sale online, or give them away to a second hand shop to give the clothes a longer life.

If you would like to see more of Cecilia and her family, check out her Instagram and if you want to have a closer look at the clothes they are wearing, check here below.

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