Didriksons rainwear in Galon became a fashion icon since originally being worn by fishermen, to be worn by fashionable people in the big cities. Discover this season’s versatile rainwear - that works great in the vibrant city, as well as by the windy coastline.

Didriksons AW18 collection blue raincoat for women Didriksons AW18 collection blue raincoat for women

Rain jackets in Galon®

Explore our classic Galon jackets in various models. They are 100% waterproof with welded seams and will protect you from wind and rain whenever you need it.

Mix and Match

Mix and match the functional jackets Tuba, Flora or Vivid with a pair of flexible rain pants. Find your favorite combination and keep dry when commuting or on your weekend adventures.

Rain Set

The rain sets Avon and Tigris are made of neat materials that will protect you from the elements. When the set is not in use it can easily fit into your bag. Explore our range of various rain sets in different colours here.

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