Our selection consists of various versions of soft and cosy fleece jackets. Sometimes the fleece is partly included in the garment as a warming lining or a nice detail, and sometimes the entire garment is made up of a fleece fabric. Read on to discover two of our types of fleece: needle, and pile.


The versatile materials are loved by so many of us, and no wonder, as they are some of the coziest fabrics available. Warming, soft, stretchy, and comfortable. On top of that, fleece jackets are just as nice to wear inside as they are on the go – a great everyday garment.








Needle Fleece

A wool-like fabric with a brushed surface. Wear with a padded vest for an even warmer set. We recommend matching our Lily needle fleece jacket with My padded vest.











Pile Fleece

Our pile fleece garments are brushed and fluffy on both the outside and inside or just on the outside. Pile fleece gives a lot of warmth despite its light weight and is a modern look when staying warm indoors as well as out in the nature.







A fleece jacket or coat has a longer usage over the seasons than most jackets, thanks to its clever way of functioning as a sweater as well as a jacket. Use it for the early days in autumn when the leaves start to fall and add a vest or shell jacket on top of it when the temperature drops in the wintertime.


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