Our story began more than a hundred years ago. Back then it was mostly fishermen and sailors who needed clothes that could stand the rain and cold weather when they were out on the sea.

Didriksons ocean Didriksons ocean

In the middle of the 1900’s, Galon became a big innovation. We saw the opportunity to make rainwear out of the durable fabric not only for the fishermen on the Swedish west coast, but also for ordinary people all over the world.

Didriksons timeline galon Didriksons timeline galon

Galon has been through a transformation of how it’s made. There are plenty of reasons why Galon still is number one when it comes to waterproof clothing today. It is durable, sustainable and easy to take care of.


  • Galon® is 100% waterproof and windproof
  • There is no need to impregnate Galon® to maintain its waterproof quality
  • Easy to keep clean – just wipe it off!
  • If you need to wash Galon® use the washing machine at 40°C
  • Galon® can be damaged if exposed to heat. Please avoid heat lockers and tumble dryers
  • Turn your garment inside out if it gets wet, that way it will dry quicker

What are… welded seams and taped seams?

We have used welded seams on all Galon garments for a very long time. By welding the garment becomes 100% waterproof also in the seams, since there are no holes in the stitching for the water to break through. On some of our Galon wear we also tape the seams, a technique mostly used on rainwear that are made of other waterproof materials. Taped seams have the same function as welded seams and will not let water break through the seams.

Didriksons galon seams

How waterproof is Galon?

We measure the rainwear’s waterproofness by their “water column”. This is a test where the fabric gets exposed to a water pressure. Our Galon wear has a water column between 5000 – 8000 mm.

old crafted didriksons jacket

In need to repair?

Sometimes you can’t prevent an accident to happen. If your Galon garment breaks, it is easily fixed with our repair kit - so you can use your garments for years to come.

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