A tribute to simple living, hard work, courage, and pioneers.

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Hanna Didrikson from Grötö

Our autumn collection has taken inspiration from the simple life and hard work that shaped the young Hanna Didrikson during her childhood on Grötö – an isle off Sweden’s west coast. Life was tough on this small island more than 100 years ago. Grötö had only 13 buildings and about 50 residents who struggled each day to make a decent living from what nature had to offer. Farmers and fishermen lived side by side – shaping and being shaped by the island.

The Autumn Collection

The autumn collection has been inspired by our role model and co-founder Hanna Didrikson. Thanks to her strong will, courage and sense of entrepreneurship, she succeeded in founding our company, together with her husband Julius, at a time when women were seldom allowed such opportunities. This season, in homage to Hanna, we have created a special coat and named it after her.

"Our Hanna coat expresses Hanna Didrikson’s own style and personality by combining functionality and elegance."

  • 100% water- & wind proof
  • Insulating properties
  • Fabric in a soft twill structure
  • Slit at sides for good movability

The Hanna coat is made from a hard-wearing, textured fabric that is both wind and waterproof, while the cut of the garment is timeless with modern touches. Find out more about the features and shop from one of our retailers.

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