Our interpretation of the iconic garment, which has been in our selection in various versions since 1951, is the focus of this season. Explore its history and features as we present the classic in a wide range of new styles and colours below.

We create a modern take of a jacket, initially worn by the Inuits of Greenland in the 18th century. A garment shaped and perfected by history. Workwear that later became an army supply, and after the wars, became a surplus fashion, picked up by the new, modern generation - The Mods.



The Parka - Our Definition


To protect the wearer from the weather is a parka’s first and foremost purpose. Today just as much as it has been throughout history.




A parka should be longer than a jacket and cover about ¾ of the body’s length. This will help keep the wearer warm and dry.




The hood of the parka keeps the head warm, dry, and protected from the wind.



We celebrate both our, and the fashion history at the same time. At Didriksons, we created our first 3/4 length hooded jacket already in 1951. It was in an era when modern times had arrived. With freedom, music, and fashion.

Welcome to explore our parka selection of 2020.

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