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Who are the experts when it comes to kids’ clothing? Kids, of course! Which is why we invited a group of children to test our kids’ clothing, to see whether our clothes can cope with seasonal adventures and play. Watch the film featuring our test team at work!

Clothing is subjected to wear and tear when climbing on rocks, whizzing down slides or building in a sandpit. Our vision is for clothing to last as long as possible, and so we put new garments through various tests before they go into production. However, if a tear should appear or the foot straps come off, we offer a repair kit so that clothing can still stand up to lots of future fun and games.

"The test team awards five out of a possible five!"


Levels of durability

Below is a simple summary of the durability of our outerwear. How hard-wearing a garment is is based on the material’s durability, texture and extra reinforcement. The durability is tested by rubbing the garment with sandpaper.




This garment is hard-wearing in relation to the material it is made from.



Very hard-wearing

This garment is made from a hard-wearing material.



Extremely hard-wearing

This garment is made from a strong, hard-wearing material with extra reinforcement in exposed areas.

Here is a selection of our extremely hard-wearing products:

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