We followed our own history back to Shetland

You get different perspectives on things when you’re more than 100 years old. In 1913, we started our business on Sweden’s west coast in Grundsund, a small village. We still see things from that perspective – from the ocean.

Julius and Hanna Didrikson, our founders, manufactured workwear in Grundsund for fishermen who conquered harsh weather and the roaring sea to make their living. Since then, our mission has been to make garments that protect people from the elements.

These back-in-time reflections enable our journey into the future. They bring our urban collection to life in a place in which our ancestors existed decades ago – in their chase for the silver of the sea – the fish. Mother Nature shows herself in an almost surreal way at the point where the North Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. A place where fog rises from the moors right before sunrise. Shetland ponies and sheep graze on rolling green hills that end at a sharp rocky edge, which swoops down to stormy waters below.

Facing the biting rain and salty winds on these remote islands reminds us of home, of where we come from. We are the ocean, the rocks, the wind. Our heritage will never leave our brand, and we’ll never compromise in our aim to protect people from the elements.

With our heritage in mind, and the majestic landscape as a backdrop, we make history for our brand. We proudly present our Originals collection – made for the future with garments measuring up to our past.

Shetland. A functional jacket from 1956.

This is our Shetland jacket. An original item that was found and saved from a boathouse in Sweden’s archipelago. This well-worn jacket is well kept – state-of-the art clothing for working on the sea. A PVC shell covered the woven-cotton fabric to make it sturdy and totally waterproof. The corduroy collar prevents rain from running into the neck and jacket. The stitching, buttons, and details demonstrate artisanship at its best. The jacket’s fit is what we currently call boxy. But at the time, it was created to make space for warm, knitted pullovers to keep out the cold. We’re very proud of this product that was named after the remote islands on which the elements put people, machines, and garments to the hardest tests.