Welcome to our hoods

We were born by the ocean in 1913, and our love for the coast has grown stronger ever since. Today, we are still devoted to making jackets with a purpose with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail. Inspired by nature, our latest collection is filled with new silhouettes, innovative materials, and smart functions. Jackets that allow you to stay out longer regardless of the weather.


The theme of the autumn, “Welcome to our hoods”, highlights the hoods of our jackets, keeping you safe and warm through the autumn and winter. But it also connects to the heritage of our original “hoods”: the rugged Scandinavian coast where Didriksons was founded 110 years ago. It is an invitation, if only in spirit, to experience the magical coastlines where we still find our inspiration and purpose, more than a century after our first jacket was made. This time we went to one of the world’s most dramatic and beautiful places, Lofoten in Norway, to capture the beauty and dramatic scenery of the coast at its best

See you outside.

Beliebte Jacken

Unsere beliebten Jacken sind Favoriten unter unseren Kunden. Sie sind vielseitige und stilvolle Grundnahrungsmittel im Kleiderschrank, wo Funktionalität und Stil aufeinandertreffen. Diese Jacken sind darauf ausgelegt, jeden Tag getragen zu werden und bieten einen bequemen und entspannten Look für eine Vielzahl von Anlässen.