Schools and preschools are starting to become full of life and movement again after a long and beautiful summer. Do you have everything ready for the autumn? If not, we have put together a checklist so that you can enjoy fun and muddy play when the rain and cold weather arrives.



Dry and warm from top to toe

A durable and flexible coverall is quick to put on, so that you can start playing as soon as possible. All our coveralls have taped seams and are 100% water and windproof!



 Galon® for waterproof games

When the rain is pouring down and the puddles have grown big like lakes, it's extra fun to go out and play. To keep you 100% dry we have durable rain sets in Galon®. Check out our bestseller Boardman - it won't let you down!

Mini Galon® guide

  1. Galon® is 100% waterproof and windproof.
  2. There is no need to impregnate to maintain its waterproof quality.
  3. Easy to keep clean – just wipe off!
  4. Galon® can be damaged if exposed to heat. Please avoid heat locker and tumble dryer.
  5. Turn your garment inside out if wet and it will dry quicker.

Remember to take care of your garment and it will live for many years!



 Warm all year round

Why not get a new favorite jacket this autumn? A soft fleece is nice to wear when you run around indoors or under a rain set, to keep warm outdoors during all seasons. Check out our popular fleece jackets Geite and Monte!



Maximum mobility

A warm and flexible set that will keep your body warm and stay in place under the coverall throughout the game makes the playing even more fun. Long underwear also functions as comfortable clothes indoors - Check out the Moarri set that is available in several different colours.

"Pssst ... a lot of the clothes for kids have Extend Size feature, which means that sleeves and legs can be extended a full size."



Keep your feet dry

Some days you need shoes that can handle tougher weather conditions. Our rubber boots Slush keeps your feet warm and dry in both rain and snow.



Equipped for all weather

Mittens and caps tend to get wet easily, then it's nice with a pair that works in both wet and cold weather! We have mittens for rain and sou’wester in Galon®, as well as waterproof padded mittens and thick caps for more chilly days.



Ready for an excursion

Time for an adventure? Sometimes the bag needs to be packed for excursions. The backpack Tote Mini is waterproof and is made of a reflex material so that you become extra visible in the dark.

Tip! Don’t forget to write your children's name on their clothes so that they are not lost so easily. Many of our garments have name tags with room for multiple names - so that the clothes can be passed on to younger siblings, cousins and friends!