We believe in creating products that will last for a long time. We achieve this by means of timeless design, careful choice of colours, long-term relationships with customers and producers, and projects to help us constantly develop and improve.


In the sustainability report, you can read about our goals and our work to achieve them. We present our view on sustainability and how this pervades our operations in all areas from design, production, and logistics, to how we work with social issues.


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Our objective is to take responsibility for the entire chain from production through to recycling. We achieve this by designing and producing clothing that will last a long time, offering repair kits and providing features such as our Extend Size function for our kids’ clothing. Our kids’ clothing also has name tags with space for several names, as we want to encourage the practice of items being passed on once outgrown.


Once garments from us can finally no longer be used, it is our aim to be able to recycle them and create new materials. Since 2018 several of our waterproof garments have been made from recyclable polyester. We promote the use of single-component rather than mixed materials in order to facilitate future recycling processes.



We have a responsibility to ensure that everyone working for and with us is happy in their work. To assist in this, we have a code of conduct based on the ILO’s core conventions concerning working conditions and rights at work. We are also involved in initiatives to create one of Sweden’s best workplaces.



Our manufacturing is carried out in factories in Asia and Europe. These are carefully selected to ensure they fulfill our requirement specifications for working conditions. We have also had a representative office in Asia since 2010, in order to have a local presence and be able to develop more rapidly together with our partners.



Our objective is to create products that will last for many years to come in terms of both quality and design. We achieve this by using sustainable materials and dyeing processes and PFC-free impregnation treatments. We incorporate our Extend Size function into our kids’ range to enable kids to get more wear out of their garments. We never use animal-derived materials such as fur, leather or down in our products.


The UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals aim to benefit people and the planet and improve well-being. We are working on these and have chosen five in particular to focus on.



6. Clean water and sanitation for all

One of our principal goals is to reduce our water consumption and improve water quality. We are doing this by working with a small number of carefully selected producers, continually improving our dyeing processes and always making use of PFC-free alternatives for our water-repellent finishes.




8. Decent working conditions and economic growth

We take care of our employees and our carefully selected partners. This takes the form of factors such as social insurance and a good work environment. Some of the tools we employ to ensure the most positive environment possible include balanced gender distribution in the business. We also focus strongly on the health and wellness of our staff and encourage physical activity. In order to analyse our well-being, we make use of Great Place To Work®.




12. Sustainable consumption and production

We help our carefully selected suppliers on an ongoing basis to develop more sustainable production methods. We use, for example, recycled and recyclable polyester in our collections, PFC-free water-repellent finishes, more eco-friendly dyeing processes and sustainable designs that will last a long time.




13. Taking action to combat climate change

We start in-house and try to always choose the most climate-smart alternatives at an individual level at our head office, such as sorting for recycling. By always taking a sustainable approach this also includes our choice of suppliers.




17. Implementation and global partnerships

We have long-term relationships with a small number of carefully selected suppliers who we are continually educating about sustainability and responsibility. We also share our knowledge and draw knowledge from several project initiatives in our industry, such as Kemikaliegruppen, STICA and RISE.



In order to play our part in developing our industry to become more sustainable and to keep up to date ourselves, we are involved in the following initiatives:


CSR Västsverige As a member of CSR Västsverige we have access to wide-ranging and versatile support that aims to develop long-term and productive CSR work. csrvastsverige.se

World Ocean Day – Blue logo.png

World Ocean Day World Ocean Day sheds light on the global commitment made by world leaders to protect 30% of our blue planet by 2030 (30x30). We support World Ocean Day by regularly donating money towards their work. worldoceanday.org


Kemikaliegruppen We are part of Kemikaliegruppen (The Chemicals Group), which exists to disseminate the latest information on chemical and environment-related issues to its member companies. ri.se/en



STICA We are working together with The Scandinavian Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA) to reduce the impact of the textile industry on global warming. sustainablefashionacademy.org


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