We have a simple philosophy: rather than challenge the elements, we adapt to them. Just like Julius and Hanna Didrikson did back in 1913, when they began producing workwear for the fishermen in Grundsund on the west coast of Sweden.

For over one hundred years we have remained true to our original basic concept, producing functional garments that keep you dry whatever the weather. And that is perhaps why today, more than one hundred years later, we are still one of Scandinavia’s leading brands for jackets.

Didriksons was born in 1913 with a clear purpose, to save the lives of fishermen working in harsh conditions. And today, with more than a century of experience, we still make waterproof and windproof jackets with the same compassion and care. Care for the people who make them, who wear them, and for the world we live in.

The story of Didriksons

Hanna and Julius met through a personal ad. The year was 1910, and they fell in love. Hanna had grown up in a poor fishing family on the island of Grötö in the Gothenburg archipelago. She was a motivated individual with a flair for business, and always saw opportunities where others saw problems. Julius had also grown up in a poor fishing family, in Grundsund, a fishing community further up the west coast of Sweden. He is described as an innovative inventor who was always thinking outside the box.


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Life-saving innovation

Both Hanna and Julius had lost relatives at sea. The cause was being poorly clothed for the elements; they got soaking wet and cold and were then taken ill. In 1910 more people died at sea due to being ill-equipped in terms of clothing than drowned.

Hanna and Julius began experimenting with oils, which they brushed onto garments to make them waterproof. In 1913 they successfully produced a garment that could stand up to the harsh winds and cold downpours at sea. Word spread quickly along the coast and Didriksons Regnklädesfabrik was up and running. Today Didriksons is still concerned with keeping people dry and comfortable – clothing shouldn’t stop anyone, young or old, from getting out and doing what they love.


We have always loved water

The innovations we are working on today are primarily to do with reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible. We are aiming at constantly reduce our use of resources such as water and energy, and through smarter choices of transport. We are discovering new approaches by learning from our own history.

It is in our DNA to evolve, to keep pushing both ourselves and our partners to find smarter ways to produce, better ways to recycle, more efficient ways to save water – while at the same time improving the functionality of our jackets. We want to choose the best materials and constructions, because it adds value to both people and the environment.

In our continuous effort to source better materials we have introduced the bio-based Sorona stretch, which outperforms similar elastic fabrics both in terms of recyclability and durability. We have also made sure that the majority of our warmer jackets use recycled loose fiber, that the padding is free of animal derived material, that our jackets’ water protection is PFC free, and that we maximize the number of products using the Solution Dye colouring process.

On our CSR page you can read more about our production activities and the projects we are involved in.


From concept to product

Everything starts at our product department in Borås. This is where our ideas are generated, material choices are made, functionality is thoroughly tested and pattern components are produced. Once we are happy with a product, we put it into production and follow the garment from manufacturing process through to transport and distribution. We make sure to collaborate with the best people at every stage of production and that our clothing is showcased in selected stores and on platforms throughout Europe.

Didriksons craftsmanship Didriksons craftsmanship

Our story continues

We are a team of 110 working at Didriksons, at our head office in Borås and our sales offices throughout Europe. We have a representative office in Asia, with a team of six working to facilitate communication and collaboration with our suppliers. Our day-to-day activities involve creating garments intended to give you a feeling of freedom to get out and about in the city or on the coast whatever the weather.

So through rain and shine, we will continue to make jackets that provide a shelter from the elements, jackets that will be a faithful companion today, and tomorrow.

See you outside.