Can I dry my clothes in a heating-cabinet?

When using a “heating cabinet” the heat should not exceed the garment recommended washing temperature, for example if the advised washing temperature is 40°C then this applies also to the drying temperature.


How should I wash my Didriksons jacket?

You will find a label on the inside of the garment with easy-to-follow care instructions.

Before washing

Do up all buttons, zips, buckles and velcro. This is to avoid wear and tear, both to these parts and to the rest of the garment. Wash the garment inside out to reduce wear and tear to the material’s PU coating. Read the garment’s care instructions carefully.


During washing

Use a mild laundry detergent, as this is gentler on the garment and has less of an effect on its water repellency. Avoid using fabric softener, as this can have a negative effect on the garment’s water repellency and can contribute to the eutrophication of our lakes. Use the wash programme and temperature recommended in the garment’s care instructions. If hand-washing, never leave the garment to soak.


After washing

Remove the washed garment from the washing machine as soon as the programme has finished. Avoid tumble-drying, as this causes unnecessary wear to the material. We do not recommend drying garments in drying cabinets because the temperature in cabinets is often too high. It is possible to dry our garments in drying cabinets, but the temperature should not exceed the recommended wash temperature. In other words, if the label recommends washing at 40°C, then the garment should be dried at no more than 40°C in a drying cabinet.

To help protect the environment and your clothes, avoid washing garments unnecessarily!


How should I wash Galon® items?

Galon® is a fully wind and waterproof fabric and does not need any impregnation or aftercare to maintain its waterproofness. If your Galon® clothing gets dirty, just wipe it clean. But if you do want to wash an item, choose a 40°C programme. Remember that Galon® can be damaged if the garment is exposed to heat, so avoid using a drying cabinet or tumble dryer.

Hint: turn rainwear inside out if it is wet to help it dry faster.

Read more about Galon in our "The guide to galon® " here


When do I need to reimpregnate my Didriksons jacket?

When you buy a new garment from us, it is already impregnated with a water-repellent treatment. The impregnation lasts for between 3 and 10 washes, depending on the type of jacket it is. How soon you need to reimpregnate a jacket depends on how wet the jacket gets. We recommend reimpregnating jackets when raindrops no longer bead on the surface. Applying dry heat, for example by ironing the jacket, is usually enough to reactivate the water-repellent impregnation.

Depending on how much wear and tear the jacket has been exposed to, it may be a good idea to reimpregnate it after a period of use. We do not recommend a particular reimpregnating product, but you should preferably choose one that is free from fluorocarbons.


Can I dry my clothes in the dryer?

We believe that tumbling should be avoided as this causes unnecessary wear on the features of the material and the garment.


Why should I not use fabric softener?

Fabric softener should not be used on our impregnated garments as this can have a negative impact on the garment's water repellency. Use of fabric softener may also contribute to the eutrophication of our lakes.




The foot straps on my rain set have broken – what should I do?

We know that foot straps can wear because they are subjected to a lot of friction caused by constant contact with the ground. This is of course difficult to avoid, but we regard it as a challenge to find a suitable solution to the problem. To minimise the risk of the straps breaking, it is a good idea to wear shoes/boots with a small heel, so that the strap sits between the sole and the heel and is not in contact with the ground. We understand that this is not always possible, which is why we offer a kit with new straps here.


My garment has developed a hole/become damaged – can you help me repair it?

Unfortunately we don't offer any repair service. Instead we offer a fabric repair kit that can be ordered. The kit contains two patches and adhesive suitable for all Didriksons garments.

You find it here.


Can you help me with spare parts for a garment?

We have some spare parts available like buckles, buttons and zippers. Contact our customer service for assistance,



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