One garment, two sizes


Growth spurts in children are great to see, although they can make you a little wistful wondering where the time has gone. However, longer legs for getting out and exploring the world, and longer arms for reaching what you want can only be a positive thing. We have solutions to ensure children’s clothing doesn’t become too small overnight, and can instead last them for longer. Look for our Extend Size function, which is kinder to your wallet and the environment.


By unpicking the red seams you can extend the legs and sleeves, taking the garment up a full size.

The red seams for our Extend Size function are clearly marked on our garments. You simply unpick the seams, and hey presto, the legs and sleeves are one size longer.


Instead of having to look for new outerwear every year, garments with our Extend Size function can be worn for longer, which saves both time and money. Garments with a built-in extra size allow clothing to grow with your child, enabling that favourite jacket to be worn for another year. If you have to choose between two sizes for your child, opt for the smaller one and extend the legs and sleeves. If a garment is too big, your child may find it awkward to run around and play and instead be left less active and getting cold.


Extending the useful life of any garment and wearing it for longer is ideal from an environmental perspective. If the initial owner wears the garment for longer, and then passes it on to a smaller child to be reused once outgrown, this makes better use of the earth’s resources. Re-use requires no new material or energy for production or transport.


Our garments are hard-wearing and designed to last for many years. Any tears can be mended using our repair patches, and if a foot strap gets lost, new ones are available from us. Furthermore, most garments have name tags with space for several names to encourage parents to pass them on, so the next owner can add their name and be sure of finding the right one in preschool.