Women's fit guide


What kind of fit do you want?

As we all know, no two bodies look the same, and we have unique shapes and sizes. The same goes for our garments. Some are designed for a snug fit, while others have a looser fit. Depending on the design of the garment, the fit may therefore differ. The product descriptions next to the garments describe which fits they have.


Narrow fit

Snug fit | Active, functional garments | Mid-layer

If you want a close fit that follows your shapes, the narrow fit is for you. It will fit your body perfectly and be snug yet flexible to move freely.


Regular fit

Extra room around the chest and waist | Space for layering | Classic and comfortable

The regular fit is our most common fit with room around the chest and waist, to give you ease of movement. It has space for an extra layer underneath when needed and feels comfortable on your body. 


Relaxed fit

Ease around your body | Comfortable and stylish | Plenty of room

If you prefer flexibility and extra ease around the hips and thighs, the relaxed fit is perfect for you. It will give you comfort, style and enough ease to move freely. With this relaxed fit you have plenty of room for a layer underneath, without it feeling too tight. If you want it less spacious, we recommend choosing the size below your usual size.


Oversized fit

Our widest fit | Statement piece | Loose and roomy

The roomy, oversized fit gives you a stylish voluminous look to be worn as a statement piece or combined with layers underneath for extra warmth. If you prefer looser and larger garments, this fit is for you. If you are looking for a slightly more fitted yet oversized look we recommend taking one size smaller than the one you would normally choose.

There are various styles available in our four fits. Below are examples of garments in the narrow, regular, relaxed, and oversized fit. They are all the same size, here shown in size 36, but the different fits give them their unique expressions.

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