Find the right jacket for you in this guide for our three warmth levels

Need advice for choosing your jacket for your moments outside during the cold season? We have rated our autumn and winter jackets by their warmth level, from shell jackets to extra warm jackets. To find a jacket that suits your needs, start by considering when and how you will be using your jacket.

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When will you be using the jacket?

Waiting for the bus, out on a walk, or during sporty activities? Depending on the area of use, you will require different warmth levels. The jacket that can withstand extremely low temperatures is not necessarily the best option for you and your needs. Explore our warm jackets and find the one that suits you best.

How do we measure the warmth level?

There are several aspects that determine the warmth of our jackets. We measure the jacket's padding in grams per square meter (g / m²). We also take into account how much the jacket covers the body, if there is a soft, warming inner lining and how the jacket's outer material protects against the weather.

Which details are important to you?

Pay some extra attention to the details when choosing a warm jacket as they affect the level of warmth. Do you want a hood and, if so, should it be removable? A high collar helps to keep warm and protects against cold winds. Think about which features are important to you.

The warmest jacket of the season: Calla

Calla is our warmest jacket this season and it will protect against the cold air while keeping the body warm on the inside. The jacket has a padding of 250 g / m² with a thick and durable outer material and details that keep you insulated for a long time.

Which warmth level to choose?


Extra warm jackets

For level three, we have selected our warmest jackets. Their padding range between 160 - 250 g / m². The jackets in level three are designed to withstand the cold during outdoor activities as well as in urban environments.

”Pay some extra attention to the jacket's details when choosing a warm jacket – the details affect the warmth.”



Padded jackets

The jackets in level two are primarily made for the cold, wet autumn and winter weather in an urban environment. Their padding is between 120 - 140 g / m² and most of them are completely windproof and waterproof. The design and details of the jackets are made for heat insulation.


Shell jackets

In level one, we have included the jackets where an additional insulation layer can be added, to increase the warmth. The jackets in this level are shell jackets which means that they have no padding. This makes it lighter, it takes up less space and is suitable if you are active or likes to control the heat level with layers to your liking.

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