Layering guide

The layer-on-layer principle is a smart and convenient way of dressing according to the conditions, all year round. Vary layers 1, 2 and 3 depending on how cold or hot it is. This guide provides you with an overview of the layers that are suitable for the coldest, rainiest and milder days of the year.

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Heat-insulating and flexible undergarments that don’t bunch up under your overalls make play even more fun. An undershirt and long johns also work well as comfortable clothes for playing indoors.



Layer 2: MID LAYER

A soft and supple sweater and pants in fleece or French terry fabric are comfortable for running around indoors. They are also equally comfortable to wear under a rain set or overalls outdoors, to make sure you stay extra warm in all seasons, all year round.




Cold, or just a little cool? Stormy, or just a light breeze? Pouring rain, or just a light drizzle? Shell garments are useful in literally any type of weather. Wear an extra sweater underneath on cool days, and add an extra base layer on really chilly ones. Your shell jacket and coveralls are ideal companions on all day trips and fun activities throughout the year.


Also well worth bearing in mind!



For the coldest days of the year

Coveralls or a warm jacket and pants are the clothes to have when snowy fun is calling. Keep in mind that these garments are warm, which means that it could suffice with only one layer underneath. Although a second layer could also be necessary if your child sits still a lot.




Flexible warmth when it’s cold outside

Coveralls are a perfect garment for kids who don’t want to wear overalls. It is also easy to adjust the warmth level by taking off or adding a jacket.




Perfect for the winter months

A thick padded jacket that can withstand both rain and snow will become a faithful companion during the winter period. Add a pair of coveralls and you are ready for all the snowy fun you can handle!




Galon® for waterproof play

When the rain is pouring down and the puddles are growing as large as lakes, it’s extra fun to go out and play. To ensure your kids stay 100% dry, we have a range of durable rain sets, rain jackets and rain pants in Galon®, a material that stops the clothes underneath from getting wet. Take a look at our classic Boardman model, a warm Galon® rain set that has been a firm favourite with kids since 2007 – impressive!




Equipped for all types of weather

Mittens, beanies and hats have a tendency to get wet rather easily – so it’s always nice to have a pair that are specifically designed for both wet and cold weather! Our rain mittens and Southwest hat models in Galon® are perfect for rainy days. When the cold sets in, we also have a range of lined, waterproof mittens and thick, warm beanies and hats.




When feet need to be kept dry in tough weather conditions

Some days you need footwear that can withstand tough weather conditions. Our rubber boots keep your feet warm and dry during adventures in the rain, slush and snow. Most of our pants have foot straps that hold boots and leg ends in place.