Beauty of a coastal flower

Honeysuckle, Bohuslän’s beautiful provincial flower, is reinterpreted in a harmonic, abstract watercolour print covering the lining or outside of three jackets in this limited capsule collection inspired by nature. The jackets, Eira, Elvy and Iselin, bear our more than century-long heritage in every thread of the garments and the pattern is an homage to both our origins and the flower itself. Inspired by the landscape around the coastal village Grundsund, where our story began in Swedish Bohuslän, this print features the beautiful honeysuckle. This attractive pink flower, highly appreciated for its heady fragrance, grows plentifully along the Swedish west coast’s treeless cliffs, hence its designation as Bohuslän’s provincial flower.

Didriksons was founded by husband and wife team Julius and Hanna Didrikson in the small fishing hamlet of Grundsund in 1913. Julius was the innovator and Hanna the entrepreneur. Their business idea was simple and closely tailored to their environment: the garments had to protect the local fishermen from the harsh conditions of the North Sea, at the same time as they had to be functional and comfortable to wear. More than a century later the tough coastal weather conditions still dictate design for us – as does the natural beauty of the Bohuslän coast. In a tribute to our origins, the local honeysuckle now takes centre stage as a symbol of our heritage, reaffirming our brand promise as The Swedish Jacket Brand.

The Honeysuckle Collection


Eira Jacket

Eira is a warm, eye-catching, oversized jacket made of a soft pile fabric, perfect for the in-between seasons. The front is shorter than the back for an interesting silhouette. The lining fabric is printed with the honeysuckle print. The print technique uses less water compared to conventional dyed fabric in the same material.


Elvy Parka

Elvy is an elegant, padded parka made for days spent on the go, in the city or on a slow walk by the sea. It is fully windproof and waterproof with taped seams. The parka has a modern and feminine design with an oversized chest with dropped shoulders. Its waist is marked with a buttoned belt and the honeysuckle print is discreetly covering the inside of the coat.


Iselin Jacket

Iselin is a fluffy, cosy jacket that will keep you warm during the cold season. Covered in the beautiful honeysuckle print, the shell fabric is made of 100% recycled fibres and has a water-repellent finish. The jacket is padded with vegan loose fibre padding for nice volume and warmth. The lining has been dyed using Solution Dye, a dye technique that saves up to 80% water compared to conventionally dyed polyester or polyamide fabric.

The Honeysuckle Collection