Quality, craftsmanship, and heritage are three words that could describe us, and they are all part of our main purpose when designing our garments. For our knitted accessories, we have partnered with a local knitting company, Sätila, situated just a 30 minutes’ drive from our head office in Borås in Sweden. They are the perfect manufacturer for our knitted accessories as they cherish the same things we do: quality, craftsmanship, and heritage.

In 2021, Sätila will be celebrating their anniversary of having produced premium quality accessories for 125 years. They put emphasis on the craftsmanship in their genuine way of working and carefully select their methods and materials. By their closeness to all parts of the production, they can pride themselves for their sustainability as well as social responsibility.






The knitters of the Sätila factory have many years of knowledge in the textile industry, and plenty of experience in making premium quality products. Just like for us, sustainability is an important part of their business, and they are constantly working on innovations to reduce their environmental footprint all the way through the production chain, from the design stage to the final product.






Our products are made in 52% upcycled cotton and 48% recycled PET. Upcycled cotton is reused cotton waste from the clothing industry, shredded into yarn and then further into fibres to finally be spun to new yarn. The recycled polyester is PET bottles that have been recycled and turned into yarn. These yarns are then being used to knit our warm accessories, almost next door to us.

We have been knitted in Sweden.

To see who knitted your beanie, mittens or scarf, visit this link.

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