The latest technological development has made synthetic padding of loose fibers – a material to count on when it comes to warm garments. Loose synthetic padding is a down-like material with all its warming benefits, but instead of using down we are including recycled polyester. By doing so, we are keeping both the environment and the animals in mind.

  • Light and comfortable feeling compared to traditional padding
  • Great insulation ability
  • Easy to make compact
  • Easy to wash and dries quickly
  • Contains at least 75% recycled fibers

 The material has a high insulation capacity and gives a lot of volume so it will keep you warm and comfortable in the coldest weather. The padding dries quickly and will even keep you warm when damp.

Loose fiber key pieces


Stella Coat

A longer puffer coat for the days when you are running errands or taking long walks with a friend. Slits on the sides allow for good mobility and the elegant collar transforms into a warming hood.


My Vest

Our versatile puffer vest that is just as stylish to wear over a dress when seasons are shifting as it is practical over a fleece jacket on a stroll by the seaside – our Lily coat, for example.


Carin Jacket

The perfect everyday jacket for chilly days. With a water-repellent finish and clever reflective details this puffer jacket is one to count on for any activities during the cold winter months.

Our loose fibers jackets are water-repellent and easier to wash in the washing machine compared to a down jacket. Several jackets from our autumn and winter collection are made with this innovative filling material. Find a jacket that fits your needs here below.

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