Skur Men's Parka
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  • 100% water- and wind proof, all seams welded.
  • Galon parka with high protective collar at front and lined hood.
  • PU-coated fabric with woven cotton blend backing that gives the jacket a nice body.
  • Classic fit parka with backdrop and slit at back.
  • Reflective detail at yoka edge back and ventilation under yoke.
This garment is waterproof.
Levels of waterproofness ×

Below is a simple summary of which garments are waterproof based on a three-level scale. We have formulated our waterproofness scale based on the waterproofness of the material, whether the garment has taped or welded seams, and how the garment is constructed.

Not waterproof - This garment is not waterproof and will not repel rain.

Water-repellent - This garment is water-repellent and will repel light rain for a short length of time.

Waterproof - This garment is fully waterproof, both material and construction.

This garment has no insulating properties.
Levels of warmth ×

Below is a simple summary of which garments have insulating properties. The warmth scale is based on a number of factors such as weight of padding, type of padding, length and construction of the garment.

Remember that everyone experiences heat differently and some people feel the cold more than others. This scale is intended to provide a pointer regarding how warm a garment is.

Shell - This is a shell garment and has no insulating properties.

Warm - This garment is warm and has insulating properties.

Extra warm - This garment is extra warm and has highly insulating properties.

This garment has effective breathability.
Levels of breathability ×

Below is a simple summary of the breathability of our garments.

No breathability - This garment has a low capacity for transporting moisture in the form of water vapour, which means that you may experience a damp, clammy feeling if you plan to wear the garment for any significant level of physical activity.

Breathability - This garment has been made from a material that has the capacity to allow water vapour to pass through.

Mechanical breathability - This garment offers mechanical breathability, which means that we have incorporated one or more vents into the garment so that air can pass through. These vents are carefully positioned, so that water cannot penetrate the garment.

4way stretch
Adjustable sleeve ends
Fixed hood
Welded pocket
Zipper with cover at front


What we know best – 100% waterproofness. Everything from the fabric, to the design, construction and details of the garment is made with our knowledge in how to create True waterproofness. All our products with STORMsystem™ are made to withstand the harshest weather conditions and will keep you dry from the outside elements.

Product description

Skur is a parka in Galon® with a classic fit from Didriksons Originals, inspired by our heritage of salty winds and stormy seas on Sweden’s West Coast. Skur is a smart-looking waterproof parka to wear in town or to work. Skur has a vented back under the yoke and reflective details along the bottom edge of the yoke. The hood is fixed and has a high collar to protect against wind and rain. The parka has front pockets with Wet Stop and a zip with a storm flap. Skur is fully windproof and waterproof with welded seams and adjustable cuffs.

  • Water Column: 8,000mm
  • Lining: Bounded tricot inside
  • Fabric: Coating 100% Polyurethane Weave, Shell 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester Weave
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