For the first time we are launching recyclable polyester clothing that is both wind and waterproof. If your garment bears our recycling symbol, then you know that it can be recycled down the line and turned into new fabric.

Didriksons ocean Didriksons ocean


Why recyclable?

Use of plastic globally is increasing, and growing volumes of plastic waste have become a global environmental and social problem. Emissions from plastic in the EU are expected to double by 2050. How we handle and recycle plastic and other materials will be crucial for the future.

Ready for the future

Our vision is to manufacture garments with longevity that can easily be repaired if damaged. When a garment does finally wear out, it can be recycled into new fabric and thus reused.


How does it work?

When manufacturing our recyclable garments we have exclusively used polyester. By conducting lab studies, we have been able to confirm that all textile elements (including our new polyester membrane) can be recycled. This means that all components of the garment (apart from zips and snap fasteners) can be recycled into new fabric.

  • The membrane is recyclable
  • The lining is recyclable
  • The outer fabric is recyclable


Research project together with RISE IVF

Didriksons is part of a group together with RISE IVF and 12 other partners conducting the project “Kemiskt återvunnen PET och polyester som råvara för additiv och ny polymer” (Chemically recycled PET and polyester as a raw material for additives and new polymers). The project is developing a process for chemically breaking down plastic and textiles into original building blocks, which can then be used to produce new polymers for PET and polyester or to synthesize eco-friendly PVC softeners. Follow us in our work to make these garments recyclable.

”Hi, did you know that I’m recyclable?”

View all our recyclable garments here.

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