Women's shape guide


What sort of shape do you want?

As we all know, no bodies look the same and we come in unique shapes and different sizes. Some garments are designed for a snug fit, while others have a looser fit. Depending on the design of the item, the fit may therefore differ. The product descriptions for the garments inform which fits they have, and they are one of the below.


Figure shape

Follows the shape of the body | Defined waistline

Considered feminine of many, the figure shape is the one you will see in several of our classic parkas as well as the new and innovative designs. It is narrower at the waist to give the jacket or parka added definition and has a shape best described as an hourglass.


Straight shape

Versatile shape | Can often be adjusted for definition at waist

The straight shape gives a classic look and is available in many of our items for all genders and ages. It gives a nice silhouette as it is, and in many of our garments you can also adjust the waist with a drawstring or belt for a more defined waistline if you like.



Wider at waist and bottom | Spacious around the hips

An A-shaped item is relatively fitted in the bust area and gets looser further down the garment. The stylish design allows for a lot of movement and is often preferred if you feel that other parkas can be a bit too snug around your hip area.

There are various styles available in our different shapes. Below are examples of garments in the figure shape, straight shape, and A-shape. They are all the same size, here shown in size 36, but the different shapes give them their unique expressions.

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