Koster Women's Rubber Boots
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  • Women´s tubber boots for rainy days
  • Heavy/thick sole with high shaft
  • Strecth part on top shaft to easier put on
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What we know best – 100% waterproofness. Everything from the fabric, to the design, construction and details of the garment is made with our knowledge in how to create True waterproofness. All our products with STORMsystem™ are made to withstand the harshest weather conditions and will keep you dry from the outside elements.

Product Description

A stylish high-shaft wellington boot made of natural rubber. Koster is both waterproof and windproof making it perfect for rainy days in the garden or on the town. For added comfort, Koster has a thin soft fleece on the inside and a sturdy sole.

Size Guide


Size EU36 EU37 EU38 EU39 EU40 EU41
A Boot soule inside length (cm) 23,4 24,3 25,2 26,0 26,8 27,7
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