Prick Kid's Softshell mitten
  • Kids mittens in windproof and waterrepellent softshell and reflective fabric.
  • Easy folding and easy to fasten when uncovered.
This garment is not waterproof.
Levels of waterproofness ×

Below is a simple summary of which garments are waterproof based on a three-level scale. We have formulated our waterproofness scale based on the waterproofness of the material, whether the garment has taped or welded seams, and how the garment is constructed.

Not waterproof - This garment is not waterproof and will not repel rain.

Water-repellent - This garment is water-repellent and will repel light rain for a short length of time.

Waterproof - This garment is fully waterproof, both material and construction.

Elastic rib cuffs
Fabric mapping
Fold up flap
Reflective fabric


We use this in garments created to withstand wind and light rainfalls. The materials are highly breathable and comfortable to wear. It manages light weather conditions, but should not be worn in heavier weather conditions.

Product description

Our Prick mittens are made from reflective softshell fabric and are water-repellent and fully windproof. They have a clever velcro patch for folding back and securing the top section, leaving the fingers free while the rest of the hand and thumbs remain covered.

Material: 100% polyester

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